Our Child Care Services

At Brightlands Day Nursery we try to provide a happy, friendly and loving atmosphere for all the children that we provide care for. All our staff really enjoy their job and always help the children in every aspect imaginable. All children are welcome Brightlands and no matter their circumstances we will always try our best to provide a useful solution.

Working together with you (the parents) and our lovely team of staff we try to provide a special relationship so you will feel that your children are getting the best from their early years of learning and interacting with other children.

Supplying You The Information You Need - Ofsted

Ofsted Report Link

As Nursery Carers were fully confident in the services we provide and feel as parents that you should have all the information you need to know and would want to know about the people who you choose to leave your child with. This is why we are happy to provide you with a direct link to our Ofsted report so you can view the vital details you require.

Activities and Play Time

Developing social and learning skills is a vital part of our Day Nursery, We encourage all children in the Nursery to have interaction with other children and we always try to provide fun and educational activities that push there learn skills inside and outside with a garden and 4 different activity rooms.

The children at Brightlands have access to a supervised enclosed garden with many sensory toys and space to play in which is all catered for safety in mind. Our garden has areas for all ages of children and includes many items such as a climbing and sliding area, rockers with many other toys and activities for your child to enjoy. Playing outside is not restricted to the garden and walks to the park are a regular occurrence as we always ensure that your child gets enough fresh air and exercise so they group healthy and strong.

Food & Rest

Nursery Playing Area

At Brightlands we provide a sleep room for all our children, so whether a child is tired or has a sleeping pattern to adhere to then a special section for rest and sleep is provided. We provide all children with regular drinking water from named cups and milk can also be provided at regular meal times. All food is prepared fresh daily with a number of fruits and healthy produce as the children are educated about the food they are eating.

Say Hello!

We understand the commitments of being a parent and also understand you want the best for your child, if you would like to come and visit us or have a test trial period for your child to see how they get on all is possible. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us as we would be happy to help. You can contact us directly through our contact form on the right or phone us on: 01242 230938.


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